is an accounting firm with many years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation.

We provide accounting services and tax protection, both to start-up companies and to those already established in their field of activity, individuals and non-governmental organizations. We commenced our business back in 2005, when “AKTIVI CONSULT” EOOD was incorporated. The main task of our accounting company is to provide correct and professional accounting service to our Bulgarian and foreign clients.

Financial Security

Our team consists of both young and long-term professionals, experts in their work. We attach great importance to personnel training so that they can develop and gain more experience in serving our business partners:

  • A ctive in complex tax consultations ;
  • C orrect in inspections and protection of the client’s interests;
  • T imely and transparent provision of accounting services;
  • I mplementing of financial audits;
  • V ivid and honest dialogue with our business partners.
  • I nvesting in the building of the overall financial image of the companies we serve.

Our work with our clients is based on trust, openness and honest dialogue, which leads to identifying effective legal solutions, business cases, for each one of them. Accounting firm “AKTIVI CONSULT” encourages the open and honest dialogue with clients.

Choose us. Here is why:

  • We guarantee accounting services that are fully compliant with both the Bulgarian legislation and the legislations applicable at the places where our foreign clients are based.
  • We protect your interests and therefore you no longer need to worry about documents, tax and social security relations, accounting and all related issues. Just leave the routine activities to us to deal with.
  • We provide your company with individual services, by a payroll specialist, accountant, chief accountant and auditor, and all this against a monthly fee for accounting services, which will save you costs of maintaining your own accounting software and your own accounting department.
  • We are always ready to answer the various questions that arise in the process of your work. You can rely on us to perform complex tasks and solve issues in accordance with our accounting and tax legislation.
  • Accounting firm “Aktivi Consult” guarantees security and confidentiality to you and your business.

Regardless of its size and scope of activity, every company needs stability and security for its finances in order to be able to freely carry out its business activities. Our team at accounting firm “Aktivi Consult” provides all accounting activities and delivers to our business partners an efficient and secure service that makes the accounting processes and tax relations with the state – transparent and secure.

Accounting Services

  • Monthly filing of VAT records
  • Current accounting services
  • Individual chart of accounts
  • Development of accounting policy
  • Stock recording – goods, materials
  • Fixed assets depreciation plan
  • Cash flow – movement of funds, counterparties and estimates with the budget
  • Inventories
  • Preparation of annual accounting records
  • Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with the International and National Accounting Standards
  • Preparation of monthly and annual reports for the National Statistical Institute
  • Tax and accounting consulting

Additional Services

  • VAT registration
  • VAT deregistration
  • EU VAT refund
  • Protection during audits and inspections
  • Representation by electronic signature

Payroll and Personnel

  • Employee administration – Appointment, Dismissal
  • Keeping of files, incl. job descriptions
  • Preparation of employment and civil contracts
  • Preparation of payrolls and pay slips
  • Preparation and banking of payment orders for social security contributions and income tax
  • Submission of statements for the social security contributions and income tax paid
  • Processing of sick leaves
  • Completion of employment records
  • Representation by electronic signature
  • Protection during inspections and audits before the NRA and NSSI
  • Preparation of schedules for using leave
  • Assistance in the conclusion of contracts with Occupational Medicine Services
  • Assistance in inspections by the Labor Inspectorate

All these activities require from companies extensive documentation and strict adherence to rules, procedures and deadlines. We take full care of this activity so that you have the time to effectively deal with your business.

Financial Audit

Today’s global practice generally defines audit as:

  • a systematic process through which information on certain indicators is obtained and their compliance with certain criteria is analyzed, as well as the presentation of the results of such comparison to the interested users.
  • an independent review and verification, by specially appointed auditors, of a company’s financial statements and expressing an opinion thereon, subject to the rules established by law.

Financial audit is mandatory for certain legal indicators and voluntary at the client’s request. In any case, its implementation is associated with more peace of mind and security for you and your business, as an additional check of the correctness of the accounting work done.

Internal audit provides an analysis of the status of your documents, any gaps or good practices in your accounting and the measures to be taken, in a timely manner and without any omissions or errors. Because errors in accounting cost money.

  • Independent financial audit – mandatory and optional
  • Internal audit – review and analysis of company documentation and accounting

You can make an appointment for a consultation or write to us via our e-mail to see how we could be useful to your company and business. You can expect a quick and competent reply from our side.

  • Applying for and receiving documents for the presence/absence of public liabilities
  • Publication of annual financial statements
  • Invoicing
  • Banking, incl. opening and closing accounts
  • Record keeping and storage
  • Provision of registered office and business address
  • Registration with the Personal Data Protection Commission
  • Completion of reporting forms before the BNB for balance of payments statistics
  • Production of company seal
  • Courier services – documents are collected from the client’s office

Administrative services include many activities that take you or your personnel a lot of time. We ensure and provide fulfillment of those obligations for you so that you have time to focus on your business or any other activities providing for your company’s wellbeing.

You can call us to make an appointment on any complex, accounting issue your company is faced with.

Protect your money, choose to be active with Aktivi